Nordic Forest

Nordic Sauna

Take a seat on the aspen wooden benches and relax in the soothing dry heat. We’ve brought the outside in as the wow-factor panoramic window looks out onto the tranquillity of the forest.

Ice Cave

Follow one of our heat experiences with an invigorating ice-rub. Alternating extremes of hot and cold is proven to boost circulation, minimise pores and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Alpine Steam

Intense steam, rose essence and amethyst crystal work together in powerful concert, soothing the skin, stimulating circulation and healing the respiratory, digestive and immune systems.

Forest Rain Walk

A sequence of shower experiences harness the proven benefits of meridian acupressure, alternating hot and cool water, and different scents, sounds and colours.

Scandinavian Snug

Experience a mix of cosy and cool inside the snug. Nestle into this fabric-wrapped retreat, cover up with warm blankets and relax as the flickering fire pit adds to the warmth and atmosphere.