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Shining a spotlight on microcurrent and LED light therapy

To celebrate the launch of our brand-new Natural Glow Facial treatment, we wanted to shed some light on the benefits of microcurrent and LED light therapy.

Our Natural Glow Facial features a handheld device called Theraface to stimulate cell regeneration, clear the skin and increase circulation with percussive and light therapy, whilst the use of microcurrent helps to contour facial features, firm and lift the skin.

Let’s take a closer look at the different elements of this treatment.

What is red light LED therapy?

Red light LED therapy uses low wavelength red light, travelling deeper into the skin to combat wrinkles, redness, acne and scars. It reduces tension and stimulates cell regeneration. It’s an emerging treatment, but studies have so far shown promising results and it is non-toxic and non-invasive.

What is blue light LED therapy?

Blue light LED therapy is used to treat conditions on, or just underneath, the surface of the skin. It can help to reduce mild to moderate acne, balance oil secretion, improve skin’s texture and reduce pore size. Blue light therapy is considered safe, painless and with very few risks.

blue light therapy

What is microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent therapy uses low-voltage electricity to firm and tighten skin, improve muscle tone, sculpt and redefine facial features, and promote cell growth. This treatment has been around for decades and is considered safe and effective. It’s non-invasive and painless.

microcurrent therapy

Our new 55-minute Natural Glow Facial Treatment combines these three therapies with facial massage using a selection of our brand-new Natural Glow spa and beauty products: our Natural Glow Cleanser, Toner, Facial Polish, Serum, Moisturiser and more, leaving you fresh-faced and beautifully illuminated.


Ready to light up the room? Find out more and book your Natural Glow Facial here.

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