Treetop Nesting

Forest Glade

Recreating the look and feel of a forest clearing, the Forest Glade steam room includes tree stump seating, hydrating mists, forest sounds and soothing cherrywood essence. This woodland haven leaves you feeling stimulated, purified and detoxed.

Rain Forest Shower

Take a journey through the rainforest, experiencing a tropical rain storm, awakening your senses and basking in the warmth of the sunshine.

Deep Relax

Our cosy water beds are the perfect place for a moment of calm and reflection. Snuggle under a fresh towel and sink into the soft bed. Enjoy the sensation of the gently rippling water below you, rocking you to sleep.

Sweet Slumber

Experience a state of relaxation among the treetops. The heated body-contoured loungers set against a forest scene create a quiet, calm place to meditate, gather your thoughts or simply doze off.

Forest Relax

Enjoy panoramic views over the courtyard pool and woodland beyond in our Forest Relax area. With soft cushioned day beds, muted forest colours and wall-to-ceiling windows, you can take some time out from our thermal experiences and feel recharged and refreshed.

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